"...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things" - Phil 4:8

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God’s Not Dead 2:
He’s Surely Alive

Coming Easter 2016

The highly anticipated follow-up to the immensely successful God’s Not Dead.

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Catching Faith
By film’s end, all the problems are nicely resolved. Really? That didn’t even happen for Job. Yes, he was restored, but his children were still dead and in the book God never told Job why he had to endure his suffering.
Taken By Grace
Normally I have trouble with faith-based film companies extending into genres usually geared toward action thriller material. They seldom seem organic, natural. But Taken By Grace worked for me.
Perfect High
Aided by a strong performance by Bella Thorne, it’s in your face with the depiction of a popular/talented/pretty person who spirals downhill beginning with painkillers, then being seduced by even harsher drugs meant to aid emotional as well as physical pains.
Love Finds You In Charm
It has that same gentility…and yes, corniness of all those Janette Oke Love Comes Softly movie series that ran on the Hallmark Channel this past decade.
Turnaround Jake
Hollywood just never runs short of young lead guys willing to go through an entire movie with a four day growth of beard. I’ve discussed this often, but it sums up the shallowness of the production.

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The Best Movies of 2015... So Far
I keep hoping we’re going to see the art form return to the real special effects – story, character and performance. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if moviemakers stopped dumbing down and crudding up the culture with their products’ content?
Movies and the Changes in America
These societal tamperings, be they social, political, economic or cultural, occur on a daily basis, systematically leading to values being reevaluated. And though some of the revisioning is good, much of it just seems good.
How Would I Advise Christian Moviemakers?
I want to find merit in every film I critique, especially those proclaiming Jesus as our Savior. But I’m hard to please when it comes to movies about faith.
What Do John Wayne and Lost in Space Have in Common?
When I was a boy, I saw some horror movie that gave me nightmares, leaving me scared of the dark for months. It was so bad I’d cover my head with the blanket at night.
Bad Words Won't Make Your Ears Bleed
And as you well know, words that were once considered offensive are now pretty much a part of how your fellow classmates complete a simple declarative sentence. Maybe, you too. So what’s the big deal? They’re just words, right?

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