BULLITT (1968)
Steve McQueen stars as a detective who goes by his own rules. Great score and the best car chase ever. Caution: contains one obscenity, but I caught no misuse of God’s name. Also it has some violence, but nothing like today’s standards, or lack of. - Use TVG

EL CID (1965)
Charlton Heston, Sophia Loren. Historical drama/romance about the legendary hero who drove the Moors from Spain. This epic cinematic spectacle has a literate script, a majestic score, and arguably the most beautiful woman to ever appear on the silver screen.

John Wayne and his flight crew become stranded in the wilderness when their aircraft goes down.  It’s a tense drama as these men struggle to survive.  A solid performance by John Wayne and masterfully directed by veteran flyer William Wellman.  It was just re-released a few years ago and the DVD contains several interesting features, including an insightful commentary track by Leonard Maltin and the director’s son William Wellman, Jr.

STEEP (2007)
Interesting documentary about men – and women – who live for danger. Like surfers searching for the tallest wave, extreme mountain skiers attempt to conquer the highest and most inaccessible adversary. Featuring terrific cinematography and moving stories of fallen comrades, the film expertly reveals the character of these sportsmen. Best moment: Three skiers are photographed from a helicopter while getting caught in an avalanche. Not only a thrilling, armrest-grabber of a moment, the aftermath also shows a camaraderie known only to those who risk their lives together. PG (three or four minor expletives and one use of the s-word after surviving an avalanche; Lots of dangerous skiing in places not fit for man). - Use TVG.

Oh, don’t miss this one! The greatest swashbuckler of all time, Errol Flynn, in his prime, doing what he did best (on screen), battling pirates and romancing the ladies. Fabulous score, text-book cinematography, and one of the best sword fights ever filmed. Colorized or B&W available.

GUNGA DIN (1939)
Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. One of the first and best “buddy” films, with three British soldiers trying to defuse a native uprising. Great action scenes! Stirring ending as we discover “you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.”

UNITED 93 (2006)
This intense drama reenacts the actions of those aboard the hijacked flight bound for Washington D. C. on 9/11/01. Told from the perspectives of the passengers, the flight crew and those monitoring the plane, the film shows complete strangers uniting against a common enemy. Indeed, the film is a cautionary tale that states united we stand, divided we fall. It is rated R for intensity and for profanity - While I applaud this film for its potent message, beware that there are at least 14 profane uses of God’s name and His Son. In frustration and fear, several characters uttered God’s name followed by a curse or used Jesus’ name as a mere expletive. - Use TVG. PREVIEW REVIEW

IRON MAN (2008)
Witty writing (considering the genre), involving direction, perhaps the best special effects I’ve seen, and actors doing what good actors do best, make this the most entertaining of the Marvel comics screen adaptations.  True, the last third becomes top heavy with the standard combativeness we’ve seen with the Fantastic Foursome, the mutating Transformers and the go-go Power Rangers, but by then Mr. Downey and the supporting players have cast their spell, drawing us into a mesmerizing action adventure that’s also a morality tale. PREVIEW REVIEW

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