Win a Date with Tad Hamilton

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Entertainment: +3

Content: -1/2

In rural West Virginia, 20-something friends Rosalee (Kate Bosworth), Pete (Topher Grace) and Cathy (Ginnifer Goodwin) work together at Piggly Wiggly where Pete is the up-and-coming store manager. He has an incurable crush on the unaware Rosalee, who enters a contest to win a date with screen idol Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel). The contest is an attempt by Tads hilarious manager and agent (Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes) to redeem Tads squeaky-clean screen image severely damaged by tabloid publicity. Rosalee wins the contest and flies to Los Angeles, where she is met by photographers and driven in a limo to a luxurious hotel. By the end of the evening, tongue-tied Rosalee has won Tads heart with her innocent charm. After she returns home, Pete decides to declare his love for her, but suddenly Tad reappears. Win a Date is a delightful Valentines Day treat; its funny, clever and hopelessly romantic.

The film refreshingly treats homespun West Virginia as superior to glamorous Hollywood. Rosalee and her community are presented as decent, intelligent people who work hard. Rosalees honesty and sincerity serve as a wake-up call for egotistical Tad. Brief shots of him driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol with an amorous woman lead to the negative tabloid publicity. There is some sexual innuendo but no sex or nudity. Passionate kissing is as far as Tad and Rosalee take it, and Rosalee refuses to go into Tads elegant home at the end of the date. Pete shouts a few crude references to Rosalee about preserving her virginity. Win a Date would have received a positive acceptability rating if not for two occurrences of the s-word. For some viewers, the absence of premarital sex and bathroom humor in a teen movie and the positive portrayal of friendship, loyalty and a mans changed life will make up for the few objectionable elements.

Preview Reviewer: Mary Draughon

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Few (4) times mild (hell 1); strong (ass 3)

Obscene Language: Few (2) times strong (s-word 2)

Profanity: Few (4) times moderate (MG 2, G-sake 2)

Violence: Once moderate (man slaps another)

Sex: None

Nudity: Few times mild (women in brief bikinis, low-cut necklines)

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Several times mild (couple kissing in parked car and hotel room, comments about womans virginity, man interrupted while unbuttoning girls blouse, slang term for sex)

Drugs: Few times mild (negative view of drinking and driving and of young man drinking too much)

Other: Wholesome lifestyle wins over glamorous Hollywood lifestyle, scene with man sitting on commode

Running Time: 95 minutes
Intended Audience: 14 and older.

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