V For Vendetta

MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +2

Content: -1 1/2

Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rae, Stephen Fry, John Hurt. Warner Bros. Sci-Fi action drama. Written by Andy and Larry Wachowski. Directed by James McTeigue.

FILM SYNOPSIS: Set in a futuristic totalitarian world, the story concerns a mild-mannered woman becomes an ally to a well-spoken masked vigilante who rescues her from a dangerous situation. With injustice rampant, V, a combination of Zorro, Batman and Noel Coward, battles the nations wicked leaders by cutting their throats and blowing up symbols of governmental power. Aided by his new Lois Lane, V fights a society ruled by corruption and cruelty.

PREVIEW REVIEW: A mix of George Orwell and the Matrix, this somber sci-fi actioneer is adapted from a graphic novel (this ages classic novel). Dreary, humorless, it is a mix of 133 minutes of political pontificating interrupted by Phantom of the Opera-ish moments of wooing and tons of graphic comic book carnage.

Though totalitarian and fascism are the words the films actors will toss around on the interview circuit, make no mistake, the movies villainous characters are Christians and conservatives. In the story, America isnt even a player, evidently overcome by its own excess; the action therefore takes place in England. This Sceptered Isle set in the Silver Sea is now ruled by an Orwellian Big Brother who has become the most dastardly of villains the right wing religious zealot. Seen mostly on a big screen TV, this resurrected Hitler is responsible for the extermination of gays and Muslims, not to mention, gypsies, tramps and thieves.

One gets the distinct impression from this film that the true threats to the freedom of man are the adherence to Christian and conservative philosophies. The socially acceptable pablum that spews forth from this action-masked political parable is designed to indoctrinate viewers with the conviction that if these two belief systems were no more, the peoples of the world would at last find their utopian existence.

Thank Heaven for liberal filmmakers, eh? For without their intuitive political wisdom and united front, the world would soon be consumed by the evil threats that sprang from the teachings of Jesus Christ and Ronald Reagan.

Dont care about the social rantings of the films makers? Well, you may enjoy some of the films other variables. Theres lots of bloodletting by way of swords, knives, guns, bombs and slow-mo martial arts battles. Or, if youre so inclined, theres the explicit physical torture of the leading lady. (Ever seen a well-paid actress crying as she is actually stripped of her wavy locks? Heres your chance.) And, for you pyrotechnic enthusiasts, theres the blowing up of centuries-old edifices to the tunes of classic masters. Cool.

I think a lot of people will find something about V for Vendetta to appreciate. And you bad old conservative Christians, you just sit there and be quiet.

Preview Reviewer: Phil Boatwright
Warner Bros.

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: A priest makes some lewd sexual comments.

Obscene Language: 20, mostly the s-word, but the f-word is also represented 4 times.

Profanity: Gods name followed by a curse and Jesus name are uttered a total of 10 times.

Violence: It is an extremely violent film with murders committed by the male lead. Throats are cut, people are poisoned, knifed or blown up. Beatings. A man is burned. We see dead naked bodies thrown into a ditch ala a futuristic holocaust. The female lead is tortured and she has her head shaved against her will. Blood: Some of the martial arts battles are in slow motion, with lots of blood spewing from slit throats and knife stabbings.

Sex: A catholic Cardinal obviously having had sexual encounters with little girls is seen trying to rape the female lead while she is dressed as a little girl.

Nudity: We see dancers in exotic clothing, but there is no nudity in a sexual context.

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Discussion of gay and lesbian love affairs.

Drugs: Some drinking.

Other: Conservatives and Christians are portrayed as unfeeling, crooked, murderous and the purveyors of genocide.

Running Time: 133 minutes
Intended Audience: Sci-fi enthusiasts

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