MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +2

Content: -4

Diane Lane, Dan Callahan, Colin Hanks, Billy Burke, Joseph Cross. Action/Thriller. Written by Mark R. Brinker, Robert Fyvolent II, Allsion Burnett. Directed by Gregory Hoblit.

FILM SYNOPSIS: A cyber-psycho is being hunted by an FBI task force. But the tech-savvy Internet predator is staying several steps ahead of Special Agent Jennifer Marsh. What makes this story extra gruesome is the fact that the villain places his victims on the Internet and as each viewer tunes in, the torture becomes more deadly until finally they die literally at the hands of the audience. As the game becomes more cat and mouse, Agent Marsh finds herself in the madmans clutches.

PREVIEW REVIEW: Scary premise, nice performance from its lead, but borders the trendy torture porn brought to fashion by the Saw and Hostel films. It starts out with a fascinating premise; a nutcase using the internet to cause death. I say fascinating because you cant help but wonder if such a crime is possible. The producers are counting on the ignorance of most of us concerning how the workings of computers and the Internet actually function. But by films third act it descends into silliness. I cant give away the ending, but the film becomes ludicrous if you actually think about how formidable this crazy guy would have to be in order to accomplish all the little details. Again, we as viewers are not supposed to analyze the goings on, just sit back and watch the torture: one guy gets captured, the website address carved into his chest, and we watch him die as the number of hits on the site cause poisoning to enter his system; another man is captured, stuck in cement with several sun-tanning lamps burning him to death the hits cause the lambs to come on, thereby making the viewers accomplices; another gets secured to a chair in a huge vat of water when viewers come to the site, it releases acid he peels to death. Oh, and lets not forget the very realistic news footage of a man committing suicide by shooting himself in the head, brain and blood splattering; then he falls over a bridge and lands on a car. It looks so real. Im assuming its not.

Doesnt that sound like fun?

Preview Reviewer: Phil Boatwright
Screen Gems

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Crude Language: I caught none

Obscene Language: Around ten obscenities (the s- and f-words).

Profanity: One profane use of Gods name by the films heroine; the term oh my God is heard a couple of times.

Violence: Several graphic depictions of people being tasered and bound then tortured to death; a realistic suicide is depicted; a man is shot to death; we see the dead bodies its gruesome. Blood: We see a vat filling with blood as acid eats away at a victims skin; we see blood spray when a man shoots himself in the head.

Sex: Evidently no time for sex, what with all the screen time taken with torture porn.

Nudity: None

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: None

Drugs: I caught none.

Other: Thats the scariest part those who love torture porn walk among us.

Running Time: Excessive
Intended Audience: Those who love torture porn

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