MPAA Rating: R

Entertainment: +1/2

Content: -4

Miles from nowhere, Bobby Cooper (Sean Penn) is on his way to pay off a debt in Las Vegas. Russian gangsters had Bobby behind the eight ball, but all that's behind him now that he's flushed with cash. But a busted radiator hose strands him in Superior, Arizona, a desert mining town perched on the edge of nowhere. Pulling into the town's single gas station, Bobby slips into a world where the normal meets the bizarre and treacherous. From his encounter with a shotgun-wielding Mexican granny to an unprovoked vendetta from a pathologically jealous teenager, Bobby's quest to get his car repaired and leave town grows progressively more remote. And, when Bobby meets up with the beautiful Grace McKenna (Jennifer Lopez) and her powerful husband Jake (Nick Nolte), the one-time goal of getting out of town vanishes in the face of pure survival. Grace and Jake suck Bobby into a deadly game of lust, madness and money. Audiences will be repelled by the movie's lack of humor, mind-numbing camera angles and irritating musical score.

Like much of Oliver Stone's past work, U-TURN teams with offensive material. Several sex scenes feature explicit sex acts and female breast nudity and rear male nudity. Jake is Grace's husband and also happens to be her father. There are two graphic, incestuous sex scenes between the two. Violence also saturates the screen as viewers get closeup views of dead animal carcasses, one being picked apart by vultures, and a shot gun victim being blasted at close range. Other violence includes a flashback scene in which an adult Jake manipulates a teen-aged Grace with molestation implied. Several fight scenes occur in which men are punched, kicked, and pistol-whipped. Foul language flows like a muddy river as 35 crude words and 84 obscenities are spoken, including 61 f-words. The Lord's name is taken in vain 33 times. Moviegoers will want to take a U-TURN of their own before they end up sitting in front of this muck.

Preview Reviewer: Jason Shepherd
Tristar Pictures, 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232

The following categories contain objective listings of film content which contribute to the subjective numeric Content ratings posted to the left and on the Home page.

Crude Language: Many (35) times - Mild 12, Moderate 23

Obscene Language: Many (84) times - s-word 21; f-word 61; other 2

Profanity: Many (33) times - Regular 32 (J/C 5, God 8, GD 17), Exclamatory 1

Violence: Many times - Moderate to Severe (Closeup of dead carcass being picked apart by vultures; cat run over by car with closeup of dead cat; gun threats; pistol whips; graphic scene of man being shot by shot gun; older man emotionally manipulates teenage girl resulting in incest/molestation; closeup of dead body of suicidal jumper; man killed by ax stabbing; woman pushes man off cliff; man strangles woman)

Sex: Several times - between father and daughter including two explicit scenes with female breast nudity; flashback scene in which woman sleeps with several men with female breast nudity; unmarried woman and man with rear male nudity

Nudity: Several times - shower scene with rear male nudity; sex scenes with female breast nudity and rear male nudity

Sexual Dialogue/Gesture: Many times - woman seduces man by asking him to hold her while she stands on ladder; man refers to being sexually aroused, several slang words used for sex organs

Drugs: Many times - smoking, drinking hard liquor, use of prescription pain killers

Other: Incestuous marriage, adultery

Running Time: 124 minutes
Intended Audience: None

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